Roll-In Showers

Low or No Barrier Showers

We are experts at accessible bathroom remodeling. Over the last two decades we have help families accommodate many different needs for safety and accessibility. From beautiful tile work to safe and healthy polymer remodels, we can help you decide what's best for you and your family. Request your FREE QUOTE today!

Accessible Showers

If you need a wheelchair accessible bathroom, take a look at our roll-in shower solutions! We install low barrier shower bases, ramps, grab bars, benches and much more…

Easy to Clean

Our beautiful shower wall systems are easy to clean, only requiring warm soapy water and a washcloth. There’s no chance for mold, mildew and dirt to collect in your shower, because of its high-tech non-porous design!


We have been providing safe and accessible bathroom remodeling since we remodeled the bathrooms for our own family. This work has a special place in our hearts and we have the compassion and experience to listen to your needs and make your bathroom work for you and your family.

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