Single Family

We have built single-family homes in Spokane area for over a decade and know how to get it done right. Take a look at our picture gallery for our project photos and contact us if you are getting ready to start building a Single-Family home.

Here are a few photos from our collection showing a single-family residence being built from ground up:

Single Family Home, Step 1

Our Crew Starting to Build a New Single Family Home

New Single Family Home - Finishing Up The Frame Work

Our Frame Guys Finishing Up The Frame Work

Custom Single Family Home - Drywall Finish

We Just Finished Hanging Drywall and Mudding Stage, Ready For Finish

Custom Single Family Home - Bathroom Work

Finishing Stage - Beautiful Bathroom Work

Custom Single Family Home - Custom Kitchen

Custom Granite, Cabinets and Beautiful Kitchen Work

Custom Single Family Home - Outside Look

Final Stages Of The Project and View From Outside

We have built a big number of homes in various price ranges. Picking Elite Construction for your custom Single-Family Home in Spokane area is a right choice. We build to the highest quality standards within the specified time frames and budgets.

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